Welcome to the Consent section of the Bass Website.

Below you will find current Consent Forms as published by BASS.

It is imperative to read The ‘three legged stool’ – A SYSTEM FOR SPINAL INFORMED CONSENT   (Bone Joint J 2016;98-B:1427-30);

This paper gives a good explanation of the principles of:

i) Patient-centred consent discussion,

ii) Procedure specific booklets a patient can understand, and of course the actual

iii) Consent sheet along with the co-consent for the British Spinal Registry

What is the British Spine Registry (BSR)?

It aims to collect information about spinal surgery across the UK. This will help us to find out which spinal operations are the most effective and in which patients they work best. This should improve patient care in the future.

The Registry will allow patient outcomes to be assessed using questionnaires. These will allow surgeons to see how much improvement there has been from treatment.

This has worked for hip and knee joint replacements through the National Joint Registry. We need your help to improve spinal surgery in the UK.

What data is collected?

Your personal details allow the BSR to link you to the surgery you have had. They also allow us to link together all the questionnaires you complete. If you need any further spinal surgery in the future, details of previous operations will be available to your surgeon.

Personal details needed by the BSR are: Name, Gender, Date of birth, Address, Email, NHS number

Your personal details are treated as confidential at all times and will be kept secure. This data is controlled by the British Association of Spine Surgeons (BASS) and held outside the NHS. Personal details will be removed before any data analysis is performed retaining only age and gender. Your personal data and e-mail address will not be available to anyone outside BASS and its secure IT provider. Anonymised data may be released to approved organisations for approved purposes but a signed agreement will restrict what they can do with the data so patient confidentiality is protected.

Your personal data is very important as this will allow us to link details of your diagnosis and surgery with any problems or complications after surgery.

You may also be asked to complete questionnaires before and after surgery to work out how successful the surgery has been. These will only be possible if we can connect you to the questionnaires through your personal details.


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