BASS Executive

Executive Officers

The BASS Executive comprises of the following:

President Mr Sashin Ahuja
Past-President Mr Stuart Blagg
Secretary Mr David Cumming
Treasurer Mr Mark Thomas
Audit and Registry Mr David Bell and Mr Robert Lee
Professional Practice Mr Andrew Hilton
Education Mr Rohit Shetty
Meeting Host – Belfast 2021 Mr Niall Eames
Trainee Representative Mr Chrishan Thakar
Webmaster Mr Edward Seel
Research Mr Kia Rezajooi
Membership Mr Adam Way
Guidelines, Policy and NICE Liaison Mr. Neil Chiverton


Mr Henry Dodds is our administrative support at the UK Spine Societies Board (

For Contact, please email via

BASS is unable to provide medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice you should consult your General Practitioner.


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